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Joining the league of tenants sometimes seem like a thing  you don’t only have to be financially prepared for but also, psyched too. You have things to watch out for asides the rent, an antsy house owner or agent, running water, electricity… You don’t want to pay rent and begin to worry about peace of mind

Nahhh! That’s just wrong on so many levels

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Here, we have 5 of my paddies talk about their personal encounters with house owners.


I’m not one to even paint a person finer than they already look. But you see my landlord, he is a sweetheart. A middle aged man with wife and kids but his personality is so admirable.

Rent gets to him really late, he’d call to check and the response could either be genuine or not, he still gives grace to pay when it’s available. He only visits at the end of year to talk about damages and improvements, such a blessing.
If I could ask anyone to buy me a house and I’d pay in future, he’d be the first person on my mind.


My experience was bitter.
I had an emergency, got thrown out of my old space so I reached out to an agent. He gave me keys to an apartment and I paid him 100k out of 150k on the same night I moved in. I later reached out to him to balance up the 50k.

After like 2 to 3 weeks, the landlord came with some boys and threw my things away, told me the agent didn’t pay him nothing. And the agent was also nowhere to be found.


I’ve lived in quite a number of houses but there was this one that the landlord would just barge in expecting tenants to be acquainted with him showing up uninformed.

This other one, the rent was very affordable but on getting to the house, it looked like an earthquake erupted. For me, these house owners are quite dramatic, even those presumed to be gentle.

" The interview with the woman who prepared a table before me but not in the presence of my enemies "

This particular house I lived in was a proper face me I slap you, we had wires connecting from one room to the other. The landlady was old but greedy, her two sons who acted as caretakers were no different. Once, we had light issues so each tenant inclusive of the sons were to contribute for it to be fixed.

One of the sons fixed the light of those he was in a good relationship with then ran away, neglecting the others. The issue was reported to the other son, he disconnected the light of those that had been fixed then worked on those in his clique until it led to chaos
Eventually, we moved out from the property.


My landlady is always looking for every means to provoke me. She inflated the rent, excluded water bills from our charge just to push us to the wall.

This particular day, my flatmate and I needed water so we had to go fetch from the landlady’s tank. She refused and claimed election was going on. Ballot box was not in front of her house but no one could convince mama Landlady that very day.

There’s love in sharing experiences or what do you think?

Anyhoo, the whole idea isn’t to portray house owners as terrible individuals but to warn you that irrespective of their age, color or size, you can still get served.

Make all the possible enquiries, don’t be in a hurry except you’ve gotten solid affirmation. House hunting is not small work except you’re investing millions to Billions into building or buying yours.

Enjoy your evening

" The interview with the woman who prepared a table before me but not in the presence of my enemies "


Your view is significant. Don’t come alone.



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